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Why Dogs Are...

I actually am a cat person! But every time I read this book - and I have read it several times - my heart is truly touched by the beauty and meaning within this book. I have recommended it to several friends and family, and even bought several copies to give out as gifts. Everyone has adored this book, with their kids asking to read it again and again. The illustrations are just gorgeous and really capture your attention. But what really hits home for me is the message of unconditional love. Although this is a children's book, it's really for all ages and is one that everyone should read. If you are having a bad day, or are getting down because of all of the negativity in the world, read this book - your heart and spirit will be immediately uplifted and you will be reminded of all the good and beauty in the world. A must read and a true keeper for your personal library!

Adrienne A. Isakovic
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I loved it! My children loved it! Everyone I've given it to as a gift has loved it and ordered more as gifts for others. This is a touching story and is a book that benefits charity! 100% of net proceeds go to charities that support "animals supporting humans" causes. You CAN'T go wrong with that.

The illustrations are beautiful, the author tells a heartwarming story about how a boy who cannot see, hear or speak, comes to understand unconditional love through a dog. There is a religious message here and one that people (as noted in other reviews) need to experience through a child's eyes...not ones of a Biblical scholar. AND, at the VERY LEAST, it can help serve as a conversation starter about God and Creationism, and equally as importantly, about how people living with disabilities find help, joy and companionship from one of God's cutest, furriest creatures, a dog.

I highly recommend it and it comes highly recommended by a number of members of the clergy, as well as those who put God and family first in their lives.

Cheryl M.
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Congratulations on the new book! This is the first children’s book that had my crying because it was so beautiful. I wish you were able to see the amazing expression on Yasemin’s face when she read the part where God names dog. She loved the book so much she read it again and again that same evening.

Gulru Kutluk
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Why Dogs Are..." is the name of a delightful children’s book about compassion expressed through a canine friend. Author, Tana Thompson, and illustrator, Marita Gentry, have paired up to compose a compelling look at the ways dogs help people experience unconditional love as they comfort, give aid and serve as guides. In a through-the-back-door style, the book brings a deeper message, that of the sanctity of human life. It teaches the value of every human and the need to help those who are different than ourselves. It is an important tool for families to use as they learn to display character traits of respect, compassion and forgiveness.

"Why Dogs Are..." is a make believe story about the origins of dogs, but a true to life story of the impact of a dog’s love. It uses appealing colors to draw the observer into the story, and the cheerful colors create a drawing board of illustrations. The pictures provide opportunity for parents to talk about the needs of those who suffer from illness, loneliness or the inability to perform day to day functions. And in talking about those needs, brainstorm ways to make a difference in other people's lives.

Through the storyline, it's easy to envision a dog's enthusiastic beginnings in heaven: "wagging his tail, ran through clouds, jumped over rainbow, goofy smile, hiding bones in big fluffy clouds." The book says dogs came from heaven as ambassadors from God, and were sent on a mission to communicate His love. Anyone who has had a dog will tell you they become members of the family, and this book illustrates beautifully the lessons we learn from pets of unconditional loyalty, love and forgiveness. It is also a good reminder that we all have the responsibility to care for others with love and compassion.

"Why Dogs Are..." has a refreshing take on life and the beauty of God's world!

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Sally Ferguson

Why Horses Are...

This one is a very touching story. It is actually about a girl who is in love with her horse. However, she learns about a place that brings handicapped kids and horses together and that they are in need of horses or not all of the kids can ride them. After some serious thinking she decides that her horse can be well used and very loved there. So, despite how hard it is, she gives up her horse.

This is a great book. It has a lot to teach the littles. This one could be used for storytime, or it is great for those who can read on their own. I think that they will get a lot out of this one.

This review is based on an eARC provided by the publisher via Netgally in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Reading is Better With Cupcakes
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Why Horses Are... is a beautiful story that follows a girl who loves her horse. One day a friend tells her about a barn with many horses that help children with special needs. She learns that this barn is down one horse so all the children cannot ride. She has a hard decision to make. She loves her horse very much but knows that he could help so many children. She makes the amazing choice to give her horse to the barn that helps children an begins volunteering there.

Horses will always remind me of my grandmother because she really liked them. I think she would have loved this story. My children lost interest about half way through but I read on myself and loved it. This story is very inspirational.

My family received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Krista Tomblin
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What a wonderful story about the generosity of one young girl to benefit others. In this story Marianna hears about an organization that helps people with disabilities using horses. She is also told that one of their horses is sick and so some of the children can no longer ride. When she and her parents go and tour the facility they see the good work they do using horses. She knows that her horse, Blaze, is gentle enough to become a therapy horse, but she loves him so much she does not think she could give him up. Eventually she makes the decision and she becomes a volunteer so she can still see Blaze. This is an extremely touching story. The illustrations are bright and colourful and show the various roles the therapeutic horses play in this therapy.

I also love that the proceeds from this book go to charity. Proceeds from sales of Why Horses Are will benefit charities that support rescue horses and horse-therapy programs. One such program is the Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrians (MGHSE), a non-profit program of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind.

Grateful Grandma
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