Our Mission

Kendall Neff Publishing offers projects that are spiritual, secular or educational in nature, ranging from print books to digital downloads of audio, video or text media, including children's picture books, devotionals, self-help works and children's activity pages. Net proceeds from project sales support various charities that closely align with the subject matter. For example, a children's picture book about pet therapy would support charities that support therapeutic service animals. Many of the charities supported are sustained through private donations having little to no formal or governmental support. KNP aims to support and highlight the work of these fine organizations through funding assistance and by offering them greater exposure. See www.WhyDogsAre.com to view the quarterly charities chosen to receive 100% of net profits from the sale of KNP's first project.

KNP also supports "non-project" works that are encouraging in nature, and tell heartwarming stories of human achievement, determination, spiritual growth and cultural awareness. While we aren't accepting new manuscripts just yet, please check back regularly for a call for submissions.

Our mission is strongly based on our statement of faith.