Why Cats Are...

Why Cats Are...

When mother and son go to a homeless animal shelter to adopt a pet, they surely never dreamed how much this tiny fur ball would influence the young boy's life. Mike has an intense way of gazing at the world that reveals something special - how marvelous is God's creation and how creation speaks to self-worth. When schoolmates socially and emotionally bully this child, he turns to what he sees the cat do - marvel at the handiwork of God. This perspective, in turn, helps the boy to see his own worth and he comes to the understanding that his Creator has a plan for his life.

100% of net proceeds from the sale of Why Cats Are are donated to spay/neuter programs and no-kill cat shelters to assist with responsible animal population control. All of Kendall Neff's "Love Unleashed" projects (Why Dogs Are, Why Horses Are, Why Cats Are) donate series profits to programs that raise awareness of the roles animals play in our lives that enhance and improve our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

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ATLANTA - October 1, 2016 Why Cats Are tells the story of a young boy named Myron who adopts a shelter cat named Mike. As Mike grows from a kitten, he teaches Myron about self-worth and bullying in a way that uses God's beautiful creation as its stage. Myron learns that God intends for all creatures to have self-worth, that none are to be made to feel less than perfect in their creator's eyes.

Why Cats Are is the third book in the Love Unleashed (LU) series by Kendall Neff Publishing (KNP), a faith-based publishing house. Their first book, Why Dogs Are won a Silver Medal in the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards in 2014, and was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. "Dogs" was followed by Why Horses Are, a story of sharing with others while a dream is fulfilled. All three books are beautifully illustrated with water color drawings by talented illustrators (Dogs, Marita Gentry of Louisiana, www.MaritaGentry.com; Horses and Cats by wildlife illustrator Debbie Lentz of Ohio, www.MasterworksForNature.com).

All books in the Love Unleashed series can be used for fund-raising by organizations that deal with animals who play key supportive roles in people's lives: animal therapy programs, therapeutic riding programs for children and adults with disabilities, and no-kill and rehoming shelters. In addition, Why Cats Are is specifically used for fundraising for spay/neuter programs to help in controlling the unwanted and unloved pet population.

All of these books are available through nation-wide booksellers, Amazon, and through the publisher site, especially if a purchaser would like to have a book dedicated and signed.

Kendall Neff Publishing (KNP, http://www.KendallNeff.com; sales@KendallNeff.com) offers books that are spiritual, secular or educational in nature, ranging from print books to digital downloads of audio, video or text media, including children's picture books, devotionals, self-help works and children's activity pages. Net proceeds from project sales support various charities that closely align with the subject matter. KNP aims to support and highlight the work of these organizations through funding assistance and online exposure. KNP also supports "non-project" works that are encouraging in nature, and tell heartwarming stories of human achievement, determination, spiritual growth and cultural awareness.