Why Horses Are...

Why Horses Are...

Why Horses Are is the second book in the Love Unleashed® series by Kendall Neff Publishing. All books in the Love Unleashed series donate 100% of net proceeds to charities that support animal-assisted therapy activities. The book served as a recent fund-raiser for the Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrians program of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind.

Though the books look like children’s picture books, animal lovers of all ages love the stories and the beautiful artwork by fine artists Marita Gentry (watercolor, dogs) and Debbie Lentz (acrylic, horses)

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"Why Horses Are" depicts how a relationship with an animal can motivate, inspire and encourage individuals living with disabilities, and those around them.

ATLANTA - June 23, 2015 - The second in the award-winning Love Unleashed® series, Why Horses Are, tells the story of how a child's personal sacrifice results in divine joy for individuals living with limitations-breaking down barriers, enabling them to achieve and experience more than they ever imagined possible. Published by Kendall Neff Publishing (KNP), a faith-based publishing house, Why Horses Are shows how having a bond of trust with an animal helps develop confidence and increases personal accomplishment, which are common outcomes frequently recognized through Horse Therapy programs.

The story shows how it's not always easy to give up something you love, but if you do, for the benefit of a complete stranger, it just might change your life as well. The child in this story has a painful choice to make, and in the process, learns how helping someone else can be more important than keeping the thing you love. In sharing, she receives the gift of joy and witnesses miracles and magic in others.

Like the first book in the Love Unleashed series, Why Dogs Are, (which was named a Finalist in the non-profit Next Generation Indie Book Awards and received a Silver Medal from the 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, both in the category of Spirituality), shows the benefits and divine nature of animal/human interactions. One-hundred percent of all net profits from book sales in the Love Unleashed series are donated to charities that support animal therapy programs and rescue services-in this case, horses.

"My late husband, Ken, and I were closely associated with the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB), and I continue to relive in my mind and heart what we observed while we did our work there: miracles, magic, and joy," said Tana Thompson, author of Why Horses Are. "We witnessed these things daily through the teachers, staff, parents and volunteers who worked closely with children (and adults) with disabilities. AIDB is an amazing organization, and is the setting for this book-the Marianna Green Henry Special Equestrian program (MGHSE). It is truly heartwarming to see how riding a horse can change a child's view on life and their expectancy of success, which is a reward that is hard to match. In this book, a little girl experiences first-hand the glory of giving and the untold gifts an act of selflessness can provide."

The book retails for $14.99, and each fiscal quarter KNP chooses three charities that meet specific qualifications to receive the net proceeds. Readers are encouraged to recommend a charity for consideration on the book’s website, www.WhyHorsesAre.com. Charities, schools and other organizations are encouraged to order books in quantity (at a discount) to sell to raise funds for their specific cause.

Why Horses Are is beautifully illustrated by Debbie Lentz, a locally-renown natural wildlife artist based in Dayton, OH. This is her first children's book, however she has extensive experience helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for such organizations, including the Cincinnati Zoo, Center for Endangered Wildlife, Angel Fund, Columbus Zoo, Hamilton County Parks, Raptor Inc., International Society of Endangered Cats, and Fishing Cat Species Survival Program. She hopes that through her art she can inspire others to do what they can to protect the earth and all its inhabitants.

This inspiring 32-page children's picture book is appropriate for ages 3-103, and is proudly printed in the United States of America. Why Horses Are is available direct from the website www.WhyHorsesAre.com, through Publr@KendallNeff.com, on Amazon or from fine bookstores (via Ingram, STL and Anchor) in association with Carpenter's Son Publishing.

Read the story behind the story on www.WhyHorsesAre.com to learn more about the inspiration and journey from personal experience to published work.

About Kendall Neff Publishing:
Kendall Neff Publishing (KNP) offers projects that are spiritual, secular or educational in nature, ranging from print books to digital downloads of audio, video or text media, including children's picture books, devotionals, self-help works and children's activity pages. Net proceeds from project sales support various charities that closely align with the subject matter. KNP aims to support and highlight the work of these organizations through funding assistance and online exposure. KNP also supports "non-project" works that are encouraging in nature, and tell heartwarming stories of human achievement, determination, spiritual growth and cultural awareness. Visit www.KendallNeff.com to learn more about the publisher. Follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/WhyDogAare) or Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/kendallneff/).